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Ep. 11 - Emo ain't dead Pt. 2

Ep. 11 - Emo ain't dead Pt. 2

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Ep. 10 - Chris Swinney (Fire Sale, Ex-The Ataris)

It's the tenth episode of Plenty Of Noise! On this one, Nick talks to Chris Swinney who used to play guitar for PopPunk legends The Ataris. He quit that band ten years ago and went on to start one of the most popular podcasts of our scene called That One Time On Tour. Now, he is also back in the music game with his new band Fire Sale. And even though none of the band members would ever use that term, Fire Sale probably the closest thing to a Punk Rock super group you can get, with members from No Use For A Name, The Ataris, and Protest The Hero joining forces. Chris and Nick talk about the changes that the music business has undergone over the last decade, the blessings of not being a 19-year-old rookie in the business anymore, and the truly unique way in which Fire Sale write their songs. All of this and more on this episode! Enjoy.

Ep. 09 - DIM

This episode reunites Nick with his old pal Ben Cato who used to be the drummer for a group called The Dangerous Summer until his departure in 2020. Now, Ben is back with his new band DIM, and boy, how good can a band's debut album be? It's not even out yet, but you heard it here first: It is freaking awesome. Nick talks to the DIM guys about how the band got together, how their songs came about, and why they are one of the few bands that are actually good at jamming. Check it out!

Ep. 08 - Brian Swindle (Ex-Have Mercy)

On this episode, Nick talks to former Have Mercy singer Brian Swindle, who is back in business now and out and about, releasing music under his own name. Brian talks about his struggles during the Have Mercy days, the good place he finds himself in now, and he also tells us why he thinks he is in his songwriting prime at the moment. All of this and more on this episode of your favourite Emo/Pop Punk show!

Ep. 07 - Emo ain't dead

Nick's interview guest called in sick at the last minute, so this episode of Plenty Of Noise is a little different to what you're used to. We're listening to a lot of bands and artists you have never heard about before but you SHOULD HAVE. Additionally, we talk about the bad reputation of the word Emo in today's music world and how many people think all Emo and PopPunk bands basically sound the same when in fact they DO NOT. All of this and more on this episode of Plenty Of Noise.

Ep. 06 - Florry Kaemmerling (Flyswatter, My Early Mustang)

Florry from the band Flyswatter joins the show! Flyswatter were about to hit it big in the mid-2000s before splitting up. Now they are finally back! I talk to Florry about what took the band so long to return, we talk about the art of songwriting in general, and we talk about what rock bands have to do to adapt to the ever-changing rules of the music business. All of this and more on episode 6 of Plenty Of Noise!

Ep. 05 - Tom Newton (The Bottom Line)

Let's kick off this new year in style! Tom Newton, guitarist with UK pop punkers The Bottom Line, joins the show! On this episode of Plenty Of Noise, we talk about the difficulties of coming back to an ordinary worklife after eight weeks of touring North America with Simple Plan, and we also learn about what the band members in The Bottom Line and Cadet Carter have in common (spoiler: It's a LOT!) All of this and more on Plenty Of Noise, Episode No. 5.

Ep. 04 - No Guests, Just Hits

Good-bue 2020! On the last PON episode of this year, Nick takes a look back at 12 months of extraordinary challenges and lots of difficulties while highlighting the only good thing that happened in 2020: A lot of great music. Listen to Nick's favourite songs of 2020 and find out about some artists you might not have about before! Let's end this bastard of a year in style.

Ep. 03 - Kayleigh Goldsworthy (The Scarlet Ending, Dave Hause)

Singer / Songwriter / Multi instrumentalist Kayleigh Goldsworthy joins the show! Kayleigh is an amazing songwriter in her own right, but she is also well-known for her session work, playing in bands like Dave Hause & The Mermaid or Frank Iero And The Future Violents. We talk about different approaches to songwriting, the awful disease that is demoitis, and why Kayleigh would often rather be in a band than be a solo artist. Enjoy!

Ep. 02 - Matt Kennedy (The Dangerous Summer)

On this new episode, Nick talks to his friend Matt Kennedy about why Matt's band The Dangerous Summer has decided to go independent and start their own record label and how this new approach has really reinvigorated his love and appreciation for his band's dedicated fanbase, and why he considers 2020 still to be a great year for himself personally while the business he works in turns to sh*t. What a great conversation with one of the most innovative guitarists of our scene!